‘Evolving towards a standardized and cost-effective service for deployment scripts’

For a well-known player in the Utilities industry, we have built a scripting factory, providing a standardized, managed services approach to develop software deployment scripts.

In the context of a large workplace migration program within an enterprise environment, automating software deployment implies a complex and tedious release management process.

When we got involved in this project, the customer had a team of external consultants from different suppliers in place to cover this discipline: a costly, non-scalable, poor-quality solution and a process that was not always properly aligned to the actual needs of the business.

The customer wanted to standardize and industrialize the scripting process with three major goals in mind:

  • On-demand and custom developed
  • Quality improvement
  • Costs aligned to the actual needs

We established a plan together to gradually evolve from the ‘as-is’ situation based on ‘multi-partner staffing’ towards an SLA-based managed services-oriented scripting factory:

The progressive approach we have intentionally chosen was also necessary for the business organization to get used to a more mature, industrialized process.

It took us about 12 months to evolve from Phase 0 to Phase 3 of the program, streamlining end-to-end processes, involving the business, and gradually evolving towards better service quality and a more balanced cost control.